Highlighting the Partners: WVI

The West-Vlaamse Intercommunale

The West-Vlaamse Intercommunale (WVI) is a service rendering public association working for 54 municipalities in the province of West-Flanders. WVI develops and manages business parks and is active in housing projects. Besides that it provides its municipalities with advice and studies concerning spatial planning, environment, renewable energy, climate actions, nature and mobility.

WVI is recognised as an Energy House. The Energy House gives renovation advice and guidance to vulnerable consumers. It’s an established provider of energy loans and also assists consumers in applying for other loans and grants. By providing energy scans and home visits to the vulnerable target audience, the Energy House tries to help them to reduce energy consumption and to improve the energy efficiency of their houses.

In the work area of WVI’s Energy House a lot of the inhabitants are affected by energy poverty. Their number is constantly rising. The Energy House of WVI aims to further expand its strong focus on vulnerable citizens and wants to reach new target groups to combat energy poverty. 

Therefore, in SCEPA an Energy Van will be deployed, where citizens can get free energy and renovation information and advice. The Van will particularly visit municipalities and neighbourhoods with a higher chance or incidence of  energy poverty.
Additionally, a Thermodrone will be used to do a deeper, more thorough screening of neighbourhoods and aging apartment buildings.
By being present locally with the Energy Van and by live broadcasting thermographic images of roofs and facades, showing the often considerable energy losses, WVI wants to support and activate the often hard to reach target groups.

Press Release
EU supports scaling up energy poverty approaches with Interreg subsidy