Kick-off SCEPA

SCEPA Kick Off in Arnhem

The kick-off of the European project SCEPA in Arnhem marked a significant step in addressing the urgent challenge of energy poverty. With Vice Mayor Cathelijne Bouwkamp welcoming European partners, the project aims to contribute to an inclusive energy transition by engaging vulnerable households. Energy poverty, affecting up to 125 million citizens, is escalating due to record-high energy prices.

SCEPA focuses on collaborative learning, gathering effective energy poverty approaches instead of reinventing them. The Joint Action Strategy (JAS) serves as a detailed guide, informing Local Action Plans for specific target groups and residential areas in the NWE. The project's pilot activities aim to reach over 105,000 households, with monitoring and evaluation ensuring continuous improvement.

The kick-off event showcased successful approaches in Arnhem, creating a positive atmosphere for collaboration. As discussions progress, SCEPA is poised to make a meaningful contribution to the broader European efforts in combating energy poverty, laying the groundwork for a more sustainable and inclusive energy future.

Community of Interest
Exchange of best practices on energy poverty concepts at the European level